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I'm not dead!


just letting y'all know I'm still alive out here in the hicks. We got snow yesterday. (YEAH!) I finally got my cell phone back. I cut my hair into a Faux-hawk and it's purple. I went back to school. I'm only doing online which means that I can go in to school anytime i want and i can leave anytime i want. Plus i work at my own speed. But i can only do 2 courses at a time so right now I's doing Math and Social Studies. i think that's about it.

So FREAKING stoked!!

So as bearded_bear already said... I GOT MY LICENCE TODAY!!!

MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Driver's beware!!

I was soooo nervous but I passed so it's all good. But i don't get to drive till I get home on Sunday!! And on my licence the lady put down "other" for my hair color! So i can't wait till i get home to start driving.

PS: Thank you dad for taking me to go get my licence! it really means alot to me!

Yeah for not being a small hic-ass town!

I went down to Vancouver for my little brother's soccer tourney. I sat out in the rain all day Saturday and Sunday morning. He lost all 3 games but he still had fun so that's what matters.

Now I'm finally visiting my dad and family for a week or so. I'll be here for their party on Saturday!! So if you want to see me you should come down to their party! Or better yet, just come down for the party anyways!


I'm working @ this Chinese Resturant in the mall. It's funny becuzz everyone i know goes there for lunch...
THe owner doesn't speank english very well... he kinda gets it but when he tells me what to do I don't usually understand and that can be very frustrating and hard. But it's a pretty easy job, and i like the hours I get. I work from 9am till 2 or 3pm. So i get off the same time everyone else finishes school. And I can get another job if i want to. But I work 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday. And I only get sundays off becuzz the resturant is closed.

Aside from my job, nothing really new... same bf, same bffs, same b.s...

Sorry, Lisa, couldn't remember ur e-mail...


... so here's the website for the course I wanna take...

Have Daddy give me a shout sometime... Hugs and Kisses for the girls

Nothing New

Not a lot to update...

Still looking for work, not in school, dating an old friend... same guy as before but better now... Got back in touch w/ Kayla and Dawn. *Hopefully* going for my driver's licence soon!! (Dad will you still sign for that?) MY hair is back to my natural color and it's getting freaking long! Ok well long for MY hair anyways... Went to a few of my lil bro's soccer games.. I guess that's it...

See I told you nothing new...

A very interesting and busy few weeks...

So I went to Vancouver from the 7th untill the 24th... and got absolutely spoiled!!! Anyone who knows my grandparents knows that when i say i got spoiled I REALLY got spoiled. Nana dropped a fair chunk of change on me and I figured out how to use the bus system out there effectivly. I had sooo much fun. And the nicest thing was that Nana and Papa didn't fight once while I was there. My b/f came down at the same time to visit his mom in Surrey so we hung out quite a bit too. We went home on the 24th together. THE 24TH WAS MY 8 MONTHS CLEAN OF NO CUTIING!!! I got home and my g/f asked if i wanted to go camping. SO we went camping for a couple days and then the day we got back was the 20$ all day ride for Seafair so we partied down there for a few hours. Friday my gaurdiens went out of town for the weekend to I got my house to myself. I did so much this weekend that i dont even remember it all. I went up to Haywire twice, puked on one of the rides (and my friend's lil bro was the carney for it so he had to clean it up! HAHAHA!!) my g/f made out with a carney, my ex-step-dad played at seafair, i lost all my friends in a matter of 2 minutes at seafair, and it took me another 45 minutes to find them again! We walked the pole-line, in the pitch black with only cell phones for light at about midnight (that was SOOOO much fun) I won a few things and my g/f won a couple games. I beat everybody at the shooting game (the one where you have to get rid of all the red star? I had most of it cleared :D ) I went on the bumper cars with only 2 other people on the whole thing. We watched the fireworks... after the symphony of fire these suck but on the other hand they are way better b-cuz i get to see all my friends... umm.... i'm not sure but i think thats it...
I had a blast this weekend!!!


1. Real name- Chantelle
2. Like it- Not really... i like short names
3. Are you in a good mood- Yeah...
4. Zodiac sign- Piceses
5. Male or female- Female
6. Elementary- Fleetwood Elm, Dieffenbaker Elm, Gorgia Elm, and i can't remember all the other places i did elmentary school...
7. Middle- Ocenview Middle School (P.R)
8. High school- Brooks School but only for 3 months
9. Eye color- drk brown
10. Hair- Blackish blue at the moment
15. Are you a health freak? Hellz no!
16. Height- 5"3!!
17. Do you hate yourself?- Not really.. i got passed that point
18. Do you like yourself?- Sorta
19. Piercings- ears x2 in each, my eyebrow x2
20. Tattoos- none yet...
21. Righty or lefty- right

22. First surgery- Tonsils last year
23. First piercings- ears when i was a few months old
24. First best friend- Ashley Armitage (still friends!)
25. First award- Getting on the Merit Roll for N.I.D.E.S
26. First sport- does beating siblings count??
27. First pet- Rosie my first and only cat
28. First vacation- All over lower Alberta roadtrip with Dad and family
30. First crush- Darcy Bowtell, kindergarten

49. Eating- just finished cake
50. Drinking- Coke-a-Cola duh!
51. I'm about to- finish typing this and then go for dinner w/ my bf and his mom
52. Listening to- Keyboards typing
53. Waiting for- my bf to come back over here so i can kiss and bug him...
54. Wearing- short shorts, green tube top, blue soccer socks, big huge boots and a plaid button up shirt

55. Want kids - Eventually, but not for al least another 10 years
56. Want to get married - maybe... but i doubt it... too much leagal hassle
67. Careers in mind- A Heavy Auto mechanic and a Bartender... for now

68. Lips or eyes - Eyes
69. Hugging or kisssing -Hugging
70. Shorter or taller- Taller
71. Tan skinned or light - Tanned
72. Romantic or spontaneous - spontaneous
73. Dark or light hair- dark
74. Muscular or normal- skinny but muscle... at least a little
75. Hook-up or relationship- hook up
76. Similar to you or different- little bit of column "a" little bit of column "b"
77. Trouble maker or hesitant- Trouble maker... he has to keep up with me!

79. Drank bubbles- nope but tried to eat them when i was a kid
80. Broken a bone- not in MY body... broke my mom's toe slamming it in a metal door
81. Climbed up a tree- yes and fell asleep in one (or two..... or 3..)
82. Broken someones heart- (*evil*laugh*) Yes...
83. Turned someone down- Yes but only once or twice
85. Liked a friend as more than a friend- Yep... lotsa times

86. Yourself- yep i can do anything... EVEN FLY!
87. Miracles- for everyone else...
88. Love at first sight - yeah...
89. Santa Claus- Sorry no.

92. Is there 1 or more people you want to be with right now? yeah and he's sitting next to me
93. Who is it? - James

95. Text message- "I'm sorry forgive me" from my gf's mother-in-law
96. Received call- James
97. Call made- my voicemail on my phone
98. Message on myspace- i dont have a myspace.... thats for losers...
99. Missed Call- my mom
100. Person you hung out with- James and his mom
101. You hugged- James
102. You yelled at- Steven
103. You talked to- James...

Other than that... I'm in Vancouver now and will be here for about 8 or 9 days... Bye

Jul. 1st, 2007

Hey Ya'll!!

Long time no update!! Alot has happened since I last wrote. I quit my job at Ljubo's because my boss put his hands on me. All this time I had heard that he was a perv but i never thought much about it other than being "Powell Rumour". But it wasn't. No i dont really like going into detail. I have a new bf (not surprising i know) actually he's an old bf just we're dating again. we dated back in grade 7 or 8 and he's 17 rather than 21 so that's a nice switch. I'm still living with Zoe adn Kieron. I'm going down to Vancouver on the 7th if i can get the money for it. I got my first cell phone!!!! YEAH!! It's a red flip phone with Virgin wireless (Oh the irony, I know!) If you want the # leave me a message on here and I'll get it to you A.S.A.P. But i warn you, i AM a teenager without a job so i rarely have minutes on it right now. But i can see who's calling and call you back or i can check the messages and stuff. I went and saw Pirates 3 yetsreday.. OMFG!!!! I so recommend going to see it it's AWESOME!!! And come hell or high water I'm going to see Harry Potter 4 on the 13th in the city!!! Even if i have to go by myself...

I died my hair again. It's blackish blue now. and i have my eyebrow pierced times 2. I think this is everything now. Drop a line if you wanna get in touch.

Hullo All!!

Just because I haven't written in here in a very long time... (or so it feels) I'm going to update...
My hair is bluey-green.. teal, turquoise.. what ever! Not blue is all i cre about!! Grr... oh well... Still working at Ljubo's Bakery and Deli, doing good there. New boyfriend. His name's Nick Richman, 21, uh ... nice? He's like 6ft. and he's got a car with a wicked sterio!! Haha.. he got me in trouble the first night he dropped me off... we had his sterio up way too loudly and my gaurdien hates loud thumping bass sterios. I'm trying this whole "dating" thing where we just date. Neither one is expecting it to go on forever and no one has said I love you! Which is nice cuz i usually end up choosing the clingy guys. Tuesday night he's cooking me dinner!:D
I bought a digicam!! So soon I will have newer pics of me and my blue hair and all my friends and the crazy things we do. Like the other day Nick's friend Mike took us out 4x4ing! I had a BLAST!! We were bouncing all over the place and I ended up smashing my head on the windshield once... still kinda hurts... i have pics of us getting stuck and huge sprays!!
Still not off grounding!! Grr!!!! But i know it's my own fault... but it's almost 11:30 so i should go get some sleep....
Nite Nite!!